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The First Proof of Location and Proof of Action Protocol.

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The First Dutch Government Backed Crypto Startup
D-Drops Crystal
D-Drops Crystal

After securing an investment from ROM Utrecht, D-Drops became the first crypto startup in the Netherlands to receive government backing. Additionally, part of the investment is supported by the European Union.

Proof of Location

Validate any user location.

Proof of Action

Validate any in real life action.

Want to learn more about the DOP protocol and the use cases for POA and POL? Read more in our documentation.

D-Drops Crystal

Introducing $DOP: the fuel powering the protocol.

D-Drops Crystal

POL and POA Protocol






Organizations in need of POL or POA submit a request, which is validated by the network. They pay in $USDC to the rewards pool, which then compensates the validators for their efforts in maintaining the network.

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D-Drops Crystal
D-Drops Crystal

The protocol is built on core blockchain principles such as decentralization, consensus algorithms, and unbiased anonymous voting. Ethereum serves as the core value layer, while Polygon is utilized for operations and transactions.

Token Details

Total Supply


Circulating Supply


Buy and Sell taxes

4% and 6%

Tax Purposes

Equal split game-treasures & treasury

Ethereum Address: (value layer)


Polygon Address: (transaction layer)


D-Drops Crystal
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