€100.000,- Drop is Live! Amsterdam & Utrecht

Get your activation code and start hunting for real treasures!

How to get an activation code?

D-Drops Crystal

Find a Physical Drop

Everyday D-Drops is dropping physical codes throughout Utrecht and Amsterdam. On our social media pages clues are dropped for the locations!

Follow us on Instagram

We will give away a large amount of codes through our instagram page. So make sure to follow us for any new opportunities

Repost The Launch Video

Repost the launch video above on your instagram stories. the first 1000 story posts will receive the code through DM. After 1000 we randomly pick new winners!

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D-Drops Crystal



How do I download and start playing the game?

What can I find inside the treasure chests?

Is there an age restriction for playing the game?

Can I play if I am not located in Amsterdam or Utrecht?

Activation Codes

What is an activation code?

Where can I find an activation code?

How many times can I use an activation code?

Drop Zones

What are in-game drop zones?

Are there any restrictions on entering a drop zone?

Do the location and time of drop zones change?

Cashing Out

How do I cash out my prize money?

What should I do if my cash-out request is denied or fails?


What is an in-game tavern and why should I visit?


What should I do if I encounter technical issues while playing?

What can I do if I can’t sign in?

What should I do if I get an "invalid activation code" error during sign-in?