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D-Drops raises €500k in Pre-Seed Funding and launches treasure hunt game with €100k worth of prizes.

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Amsterdam/Utrecht, Netherlands — D-Drops, a WEB3 gaming startup, has secured €500,000 in pre-seed funding led by ROM Utrecht, becoming the first Dutch government-backed crypto startup. The funding will support the launch of its location-based treasure hunting game, where players must set out on an adventure across their cities and discover real-world rewards. Set to go live on June 15th, the gaming platform encourages players to go outside, discover new experiences, and support local businesses. Watch the launch video here.

Amsterdam Exploration

Founded by three brothers from the Netherlands, Shair Amiri (CEO), Zamir Amiri (CTO), and Samir Amiri (COO), D-Drops’ mission is to add adventure to people's daily lives. The game will first be available in Amsterdam and Utrecht, with an initial prize pool of €100,000. Hidden treasures are worth up to €100 each, starting with cash rewards, and soon to include event tickets, merchandise, and coupons. With an emphasis on user-friendliness, the platform requires no prior knowledge of crypto or blockchain technology.

D-Drops offers an innovative marketing solution by seamlessly integrating local businesses into the platform through gamification. This approach ensures that users don't feel like they're being marketed towards directly; instead, businesses become an organic and essential part of the game, distinguishing themselves from competitors and creating fun opportunities to interact with customers.

"As gamers ourselves, we know how fun it is to explore new worlds and discover hidden secrets. We're excited to bring that same sense of adventure to the real world,” said Shair Amiri, CEO and co-founder of D-Drops. "We hope that our game gives people a reason to go outside, explore new areas of their cities, and along the way make meaningful memories while having fun.”

Following its launch in Amsterdam and Utrecht, D-Drops is gearing up for an international rollout, with expansion plans already in motion for the near future.

"D-Drops is a great example of how gamification can be used to drive economic growth, promote healthy habits, and create a sense of community within our cities,” said Arjan van den Born, Director ROM Utrecht. “We are committed to supporting innovative solutions that bring people together, and we're eager to see the impact of this initiative inspire others."

D-Drops Treasure Hunt

About D-Drops

D-Drops is a web3 gaming startup that combines location-based treasure hunting with real-world rewards. Founded in 2021 by three brothers, D-Drops aims to add adventure to people's daily lives by encouraging physical activity, urban exploration, and community engagement. By teaming up with local businesses to gamify their marketing strategy, D-Drops is revolutionizing how consumers discover and engage with them.

The platform allows players to explore their cities in search of treasures containing real-world prizes such as cash, concert tickets, merchandise, and coupons. Sign up to join the adventure at https://ddrops.world.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Shair Amiri
CEO & co-founder, D-Drops

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D-Drops: The game that lets you find real treasures by exploring cities.

With D-Drops players can become real treasure hunters just by downloading the app. Using their phone, they can navigate the adventurous D-Drops World and uncover hidden treasures with real world value. D-Drops' seamless integration of players' real-life surroundings is what the team envisioned as being the real metaverse. motivates players to explore their cities, connecting the digital and physical worlds in a highly engaging manner.

D-Drops is a groundbreaking mobile game that offers an exceptional treasure-hunting experience, combining real-world rewards with urban exploration in a captivating medieval fantasy environment.


The Innovative Yet User-Friendly Technology Behind D-Drops

D-Drops leverages state-of-the-art technology to create an unparalleled gaming experience that emphasizes the physical world over the digital. The game employs a unique validation system powered by the $DOP token, advanced geo-location algorithms, and a seamless bond between blockchain technology and physical locations. Available on both Apple and Android mobile devices, D-Drops is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, ensuring that players can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

Despite incorporating cutting-edge technologies, D-Drops is crafted with an incredible User Experience that enables even those without prior crypto knowledge to easily participate in the crypto ecosystem. The game's user-friendly interface ensures that players of all ages and abilities can navigate the captivating world of D-Drops and engage with its challenges, without feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the underlying technology.

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