The fuel behind the D-Drops ecosystem. Meet the $DOP Token.

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$DOP Staking, Earning & Perks

Earn in the Validators Pool

Validation is the most crucial part of the D-Drops ecosystem. Without it D-Drops would be as leaky as broken boat. Become a validator by staking 20.000 $DOP and earn by validating claim requests.

Stake $DOP and increase your luck!

Everytime you open a treasure chest there is also a luck-based reward. By staking $DOP your luck will increase significantly, and so will the rewards!

Grow with 100% Buy Backs

Any luck enhancing item bought within the game environment will be converted to $DOP in the open market.

DAO with Governance - TBA

Become a voice in the treasure hunting community and govern over cities, releases and events.






Open Buyers Guide

Make sure to use a slippage of at least 7% to successfully execute a swap.


Contract Address: 0x103965213122805C9aA63D8036Ed0ef692c19650

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