The System

What is the core of D-Drops and how is it structured?

How are treasures created?

$DOP & taxes

$DOP is the magical currency that makes it possible for us to drop treasures with actual cash value! $DOP is a crypto, token created by D-Drops. It is used in-game to unlock features and pay Claim Fees

Every time someone does a $DOP transaction (buys/sells/ transfer), a 6% tax is contributed to the ecosystem. This in turn creates the funds for the Treasures that are dropped in the Hotspots! As $DOP has a monetary value in the open markets. People can buy and sell $DOP for other crypto tokens or for FIAT money Euros/Dollars etc.

What are claim fees?

Claim Fee & $BNB

Every time you send a Claim Request you will have to pay 30% of the LOOT. This prevents malicious parties to attack the system by overloading the system with requests. This Claim Fee is then distributed to the users that validate the Claim Request.

BNB and Gas fees:

D-Drops is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is the blockchain users will use to execute all transactions. $BNB is used to pay the fees for using this network, these fees are called Gas Fees. This means that every time a transaction is sent in the app (e.g. sending a Claim Request), there will also be a small $BNB fee. Of course, we’ve made sure that the fees are not too high, and you will always be gaining more than you are paying in fees!

How does validation work?

Majority rules.

The D-Drops validation system is designed to make D-Drops completely community-driven. Anyone who holds a certain amount of DOP tokens can join the validation process by staking their coins and earning DOP by properly validating claim requests. As of now the required amount to join the validation process is set to 100,000 DOP. The validation of a claim request is conducted by 5 randomly picked validators. Each validator can either submit a “1” to confirm the claim request or a “2” to reject the claim request. The majority i.e., 3 out of 5 votes will count as the final decision for the claim request. Once 3 similar votes are submitted the smart contract rewards these validators with a percentage of the claim fee and process the decision accordingly. If a claim request has been approved the content of the treasure chest will be sent to the claimant on the other hand if a claim request has been rejected the claim request will be canceled and the chest will be added back to the D-Drops World. 

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