The new Geocaching: evolution of treasure hunting


The new Geocaching: evolution of treasure hunting

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Ahoy there, treasure hunters! It’s time to embark on a journey through the exciting evolution of treasure hunting. From the days of pirates and buried booty, to people with metal detectors and magnet fishing, to the modern world of geocaching and augmented reality, we’ll see how technology has made the hunt more thrilling and accessible.

Once upon a time, treasure hunting meant digging in the sand for buried booty or scanning the seas for sunken ships. In more recent times, people would go on geocaching adventures, searching for hidden caches using GPS devices. But now, we’re living in a more developed age of smartphones, and that means we’re taking the treasure hunt to a whole new level. Enter D-Drops, the mobile treasure hunting game that’s taking the world by storm!


Sail ahoy, that’s a treasure!

In the past, treasure hunting was a rugged adventure that required a lot of time, effort, and luck but it was also a dangerous and daring adventure. Pirates roamed the seas in search of riches and spent their days decoding maps and decoding secret messages to locate their next big score. Their treasures were often gold, silver, and jewels stolen from ships or buried on islands.

To navigate, pirates used the stars and the sun, a compass, and a sextant to determine their position. They also relied on dead reckoning, a method that involved using the ship’s speed and direction to estimate its position. These methods were exciting, but finding treasure was far from guaranteed.

pirates on a treasure hunt

Geocaching caches with no value

But then came geocaching, a modern take on the treasure hunt that used GPS devices to locate caches hidden all over the world. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game that is played by millions of people around the world. It involves finding hidden containers, called caches, using GPS coordinates or a smartphone app. The caches can be of various sizes, from tiny “nano” caches that can only hold a small item, to larger containers that hold items and trinkets for trade.

Once you find a cache, you can take an item and leave one in its place. This keeps the game going and allows people to trade items with others. It’s not just about finding the caches, though. Geocachers often enjoy exploring new places and discovering hidden gems along the way.


Future of treasure hunting with real prizes

And now, we’ve entered a new era of treasure hunting with the arrival of D-Drops. This mobile app combines the excitement of geocaching with the cutting-edge technology of augmented reality for finding real treasures. Instead of searching for physical caches with no real value like geocaching, players search for virtual treasures placed all over the world filled with loot between 10-100 dollars of worth.

The game brings the thrill of the hunt to the palm of your hand and makes it easier than ever to join the adventure. Do you want to now how D-Drops works? Check out our Technology page

D-Drops: Creating Adventuresdownload now !

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey to discover hidden treasures in some of the world’s most iconic cities?

With D-Drops, you can turn your city into a playground and hunt for real prizes like cash, concert tickets, limited-edition shoes, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Whether you’re a seasoned geocacher or a newcomer to the world of treasure hunting, D-Drops has something for everyone. The app brings a fresh and exciting twist to the traditional treasure hunt, and with virtual treasure waiting to be found, the possibilities are endless.

Join the hunt and download D-Drops today! Let’s see where your treasure hunting journey takes you. Who knows, you might even find a pot/chest of wealth at the end of the virtual rainbow!

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