The Company

Meet the team, the mission, and the vision.

The Team Members

Shair Amiri

CEO & Co-Founder

Artificial Intelligence
Business & Marketing

Starting from a young age Shair has been starting businesses and executing them from the concept phase to full product-market fit. After launching his first tech start-up at the age of 18, he is now exploring the world of blockchain technology. Experienced in marketing and business development Shair will be responsible for putting D-Drops on the radar of every Crypto user.

Samir Amiri


COO & Co-Founder

Aerospace Engineering
Math & Physics

After finishing his master’s degree in Rocket Science. Samir went on to create his own operations consultancy company where he advises companies on optimization processes. With a solid background in tech and engineering, he will be responsible for concepting, features, UI and UX.

Zamir Amiri


CTO & Co-Founder

Computer Science
Cyber Security

Writing code and creating fully functional platforms for Zamir is like breathing for us. As a full-stack developer with a scientific background in Cyber Security, Zamir is able to write code like a few others. Squashing every bug he comes across. With his deep knowledge of CS, Zamir will be responsible for platform development, security, and blockchain integration.

We envision a symbiotic future where tech enhances our daily lives and integrates seamlessly with our surroundings. For us, this is an exciting future that we want to make a contribution towards. Furthermore, we strive to make the world a fun place to live in by adding excitement to our daily lives through rewarding adventurous trips in search of treasures.

We live to create fun and exciting technological development
that will make daily lives more fun.



With D-Drops we are creating a platform that will enable people to integrate the blockchain with the physical world.

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