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Join the Frontier of Digital Adventure: Full Stack Developer Position Available!

D-Drops: Merging Physical Adventures with the Digital World

Welcome to D-Drops, a government-backed Web3 treasure hunting game where we turn the virtual into reality. At D-Drops, our ethos is "We create physical adventures in the digital world." We're pioneering in the realm of blockchain and gaming, creating experiences that bridge the gap between the digital and the real world. We're on the lookout for a Full Stack Developer with a flair for Flutter to join our visionary team.

The Role: Full Stack Developer (Flutter & Firebase)

In this role, you'll be pivotal in bringing our digital adventures to life. Your expertise in Flutter will be key in developing seamless, intuitive mobile applications, while your skills in Firebase will ensure robust and efficient backend solutions. You'll be working at the cutting edge of technology, turning innovative ideas into tangible experiences for our users.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the front-end code base of the mobile applications and web applications.
  • Translate UI designs into responsive code.
  • Improve UX with your fast experience of Flutter and its capabilities.
  • Work collaboratively to innovate and problem-solve.
  • Uphold high standards of code and functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Create scalable micro-services.
  • Improve the company's automation through CI/CD.

Who We're Looking For:

  • Experience: 2-4 years in Flutter development.
  • Skills:
    • Frameworks:
      • Flutter
      • Firebase
      • Optional (ReactJs)
    • Programming languages:
      • Dart
      • Typescript
  • Preferred:
    • Previous work with Firebase is a significant plus.
    • Experience with automated testing.
    • Configuring CI/CD environments.

Why D-Drops? At D-Drops, we are a team of highly motivated and smart people who made their hobbies their work. That is why we excel at our work. We thrive on impossible challenges and lead the way to the possible. If we have to read 50 pages of documentation over the weekend to finish a deadline on Monday, we will do it because we love what we do, not because we have to or it is asked of us.

For the future You will be working on bleeding edge technology with a highly skilled team. We’re literally creating the future of how people explore cities, businesses do marketing, people stay healthy, and people play games.

For the Bank

  • Competitive Salary
  • Growth Opportunity
  • Equity packages

Step Into the World of Adventure with D-Drops If you're passionate about gaming, blockchain, and creating meaningful digital experiences, we want you on our team. Apply by sending an email to careers@ddrops.world, attaching your resume and a cover letter that tells us why you are a perfect fit for D-Drops.

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